HANDLE Guarantee

At HANDLE, we are not just movers of equipment. We offer value and we build trust through relationships. We go beyond what is required and we stand behind everything we do.

Below are a few of the value producing programs and services we offer which are unparalleled in the industry. Together, we call these the HANDLE Guarantee.

HANDLE Value Capital

We are your source for value capital to make your spend go further. Whether your equipment needs are for new, refurbished, or used assets; HANDLE will find and deliver value at every turn.

HANDLE Protect

The only seller protection program in the world. Sell your assets elsewhere and you could be accountable for unforeseen damages. Sell your assets through HANDLE and let us shield you from downstream product liability. Our one of a kind, proprietary program means you can sell with confidence at HANDLE.


Replace the middle man with technology by transferring assets from facility to facility via our exclusive network. We can inspect and certify your peer-to-peer asset movements between healthcare providers to give you real savings. From start to finish, HANDLE delivers quality.


Use our vetted network of service providers for warranty and service agreements extending far beyond the OEM warranty period for a fraction of the cost. Insure one or several assets together with HANDLE leading the way to long term savings.